Masseria le Fabriche



At the origin of Alessia Perrucci’s vineyard hotel Masseria le Fabriche was a simple idea to combine winemaking and hospitality.The estate called Le Fabriche covers about 20 hectares of grapevines, centuries-old olive trees and Mediterranean Maquis. From the panoramic position of the “Serre Tarantine”, the  17th century farmhouse, the Masseria, overlooks this rural amphitheater designed by nature and by men over the centuries. The Masseria offers stunning views of the Ionian sea which is only 4 km far.


Masseria Le Fabriche is located in the countryside near Maruggio, a small rural village whose origin are linked to the medieval chivalric order of the Knights of Malta who received the village in commendam. Maruggio is in the heart of the Ionian coast of Salento, south of Manduria, and within short driving distances from the most important south and central Puglian touristic sites like Lecce, Otranto, Gallipoli, Taranto, Ostuni and Alberobello.
Maruggio’s coastal area, called Campomarino, is a EU protected site particular for its sand dunes which are covered by Mediterranean Shrubland, a wildlife reserve in terms of biodiversity. The climate is mild and together with the impoverished, rocky soil they provide ideal conditions for vine growing. We are in the heart of the area of production of Primitivo di Manduria DOC, whose dolce naturale has been recently awarded with the DOCG, the top Italian quality wine denomination.

The project

The Fabriche project starts at the end of the nineties, with the aim of using local grapes to produce quality wine within an environmentally responsible framework. Organic farming and close collaboration with the best agronomists, winemakers and Universities are part of this practice.

In 2007, following careful restoration work,  the estate was turned into an elegant relais. The junior suites, which are located between the grapevines and olive trees, have been designed to provide a sensory experience of peace and relaxation in a timeless place.